Reduce time spent on appointments by phone and missed appointments.

Improve the satisfaction of your customers and staff by offering online appointment.


Easily exchange with one or more members of your team at a time.

Messages, photos, or information related to your tasks ... send anything you want privately, and be notified by push notification as soon as you receive a new message.


Calendar, to-do list, customer contacts ... with Rendvou™ plan, consult and organize the work of your team.

Appointments, birthdays or employee schedules ... no risk of forgetting, you are reminded by a reminder as soon as an important event has to take place.


En passant moins de temps au téléphone, Rendvou™ vous fait gagner du temps.. Beaucoup de temps.

By spending less time on the phone, Rendvou™ saves you money. A lot of money.


Essential features to manage your appointments and work in team.

  • Appointment

    Your booking page is customized to the colors of your company

  • Customers

    Your customers' information is recorded automatically

  • Services

    Your service listing is available on your booking page.

  • Staff

    Manage the availability of your staff for appointments made online.

  • Activity

    At a glance, discover everything you share with your team and your customers

  • Messages

    Instantly exchange by text message with one or more of your collegues.

  • Planning

    Check the shared calendar of your team to be up-to-date.

  • Tasks

    Organize more effectively through lists and tasks.

Rendvou Rendvou


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Do not hesitate any more: Everything is Unlimited !

Rendvou™ does not impose any usage limits and offers all its features for free !

Rendvou™ is the only solution on the market
to offer you these benefits for free :

  •    Number of staff member's     UNLIMITED
  •    Number of appointments     UNLIMITED
  •    Number of customers     UNLIMITED
  •    Number of locations     UNLIMITED
  •    Number of E-mail messages     UNLIMITED
  •    Number of SMS messages     UNLIMITED